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October 2016: Dressage at Devon
One of the oldest shows in the country and one of the most beautiful show grounds overall is located in a small town called Devon just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The grounds are compact with competition and warm-up arenas, grandstand, a shopping area and nearly 900 stalls all on just 21 acres. My colleague and friend Ulf Wadeborn was finishing his S-judge testing with examiners Natalie Lamping and Jayne Ayers and I was his official scribe.

June 2016: Summer Dressage at El Sueno Equestrian Center
Ali Baba 11yrs Lusitano Stallion owned by Alexandra Wilding ridden by Susann 1st place and 2nd place Third level 73.3% and 69%

Feb-Oct 2016: Summer fun with clients

March 2016 - USDF Trainers and Judges Conference at El Sueno Equestrian Center, Moorpark, CA
with Stephen Clarke, Lilo Fore, Charlotte Bredahl, Jan Ebeling, Sabine Schut-Kery and many more

August 2015: Final Exam at Cool August Night  Los Angeles Equestrian Center CA with Marylin Heath and Axel Steiner After almost a year of continued studying I successfully passed my Final Examination for judge training and I am now recognized as a Graduate of the USDF "L" Education Program

May 2015: D2 Session at the Oaks San Juan Capistrano CA Judging Full Tests in Each of the Levels with Marylin Heath -Session E thru out the program:
10 Hours of Sitting with Judge
12 Hours of Scribing with Judge

Session D2 with Marylin Heath as final examiner and Lisa Del Mundo and Susann

April 2015: D1 Session at Flintridge CA Judging Full Tests in Each of the Levels with Trenna Atkins

January - February 2015: Session C Basics, Collective Marks: Gaits, Impulsion, Submission and the Rider with Janet Foy *USDF L-Program Part 2

Susann with Janet Foy

December 2014: Session B Judging Criteria for Gaits, Paces, Movements and Figures with Axel Steiner  

November 2014: Session A Introduction to Judging and Biomechanics with William Solyntjes

Susann with William Solyntjes

June 2014: USDF Certified Instructor

I passed my USDF 4th level Trainer and Instructor Exam. As it is the highest national level one can achieve in Dressage Education, an important career milestone in my career, and the culmination of 6 years of training, traveling between Los Angeles and Georgia, teaching and riding workshops and USDF Trainers symposiums. Finally came my final exam last month in Wilton, California.

A big thank you to all my wonderful clients who put their faith in me on a daily basis!!

May 2014: Fiesta of the Spanish Horse at LAEC

Fandango Moon - 2 yr old Andalusian/Friesian stallion, owned and bred by Susann Regalmuto
2nd - Half Andalusian in hand Open
2nd - Half Andalusian in hand ATH

View his video!
Fandango Moon - 2 yrs old - at LAEC Fiesta of the Spanish Horse (Andalusian/Friesian cross)

February - May 2014: Great start to the show season!

Star Quality 10yrs Warmblood/TB cross gelding owned, bred and loved by Heather Haase

Dressage at El Sueno
Training Level 69%- 72%
High Point Champion

Spring Dressage at Hansen Dam
Training Level 70%- 72%

Fiesta Dressage
Training Level 68%-69%


January 2014: USDF and FEI Trainers Conference

USDF and FEI Trainers Conference at the High Meadow Farm in Loxahatchee, Florida with Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler continuing with an educational day FEI workshop in Hand for USDF cert. Instructors only with Lilo Fore

L-R: 1. Steffen Peters, Susann Regalmuto, Scott Hassler
2. High Meadow Farm
3. FEI workshop with Lilo Fore
4. Lilo working in hand on half steps under saddle
5. Palm Beach Equestrian Center

December 2013: Maximus Year End Award Winner

CALSHO - California Show Horse Organization
-Year End Dressage High Point Award
-Year End Overall Part Bred Friesian High Point Award

-All Breed Horse of the Year Reserved Champion

-Regional Champion

August 2013: Western States Championship Horse Show
Dressage Show
!st place First Level 70.4% and Overall Highpoint Dressage Champion

Regional Championship Show
1st place Region 10 Champion English Pleasure Open
1st place Region 10 Champion Dressage Suitability Open
2nd place Reserved Region 10 Champion Sport Horse in Hand

June 2013

Maximus 6 yrs old Andalusian Friesian cross owned and loved by Susann Regalmuto

1st place - IFSHA Part Bred Friesian In Hand
1st place - IFSHA Part Bred Friesian Dressage Suitability
1st place - IFSHA Part Bred Friesian English Pleasure Open
1st place - IFSHA Part Bred Friesian English Pleasure Championship
Overall High Point Champion of this show

March-July 2013

Spring Dressage at Hansen Dam-Spring Dressage Maximus 6yrs Warlander gelding
1st & 1st - Training level 68%-70%

May 2013 - Fiesta of the Spanish Horse/ Fiesta Dressage
1st & 2nd - Training level 69%-70%
1st - Dressage Suitability Part Bred Friesian
2nd - English Pleasure Part Bred Friesian

July 2013 - LA Chapter Dressage LAEC
1st and 1st - Training level 71% - 75%

February-April 2013

Dressage at El Sueno-Spring Dressage at Hansen Dam-Spring Dressage
Amelie 7yrs Swedish Warmblood mare
1st and 1st - Second level 67%-68%

February 2013

In February, Susann participated in a USDF workshop for certified trainers and instructors.

Global Dressage Forum North America
January 28th - 29th, 2013
at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center
Wellington, Florida

Center photo: Ingrid Klimke & Susann 
Right: Heiner Jeibmann, Lendon Gray, Christoph Hess, Susann, and Klaus Balkenhol

I had the pleasure of traveling with my fellow dressage trainer, Lars Holmberg from Middle Ranch, CA to this highly educational event in West Palm Beach, Florida. Dressage training techniques for the development of horses and riders were analyzed and presented in both practical and theoretical sessions. Six top professional clinicians, Steffen Peters, Ingrid Klimke, Rudolf Zeilinger, Arthur Kottas and Bo Jena, were presenting riding demonstrations, long line sessions with speeches as to their philosophies and theories on their training approach. There were 13 panelists on stage who were in an open discussion with the clinician to what they saw happen in the arena. Some of the panelists were Christoph Hess, Stephen Clark, Gary Rockwell, Lendon Gray... It was very interesting to watch international trainers with different educational backgrounds and approaches to training interact with the panelists and even the audience. Let's face it we all want to become better riders and trainers and this was definitely a successful venue to go to. Education leads us to success and Education is a never ending process in our lifetime.

Left photo: Conrad Schumacher and Susann
Center photo: Susann and Lars Holmberg
Right: Susann and Christoph Hess

December 2012

The Regal Equestrian 2012 show season ended with my 6 year old Swedish Warmblood mare, Amelie, making me proud. She won the USDF Horse of The Year All Breed Reserve Champion Award in her level!

August - November 2012

Dressage shows at LAEC and Hansen Dam

First level 68% and 70%
1st Places

Second level
1st Place

Russian owned by Nancy Madge 3rd level 63% 1st Place

July 7-8, 2012

LA Chapter Dressage Show at Los Angeles Equestrian Center

What a great show we had! Congratulations to Petra Jorgensen riding her 8 yr old Warmblood, Damon Lee, for the first time at 2nd level with a score of 71% and Nancy Madge riding her 14 yr old Russian Warmblood at First level with a 66%.

I'm very proud of my 6 yr old Swedish Warmblood mare, Amelie, receiving consistant scores at First level in the 70s ... we are ready for the championships!!

May 6, 2012

Fandango Moon has arrived! On a Sunday morning Yara our Friesen mare gave birth to a beautiful colt sired by the Andalusian stallion Fandango del Sol

January 2012

High Point CDS Year End Award Winners 2011
Susann Regalmuto, Monica Stock and Line

October 2011

Thank you so much to all of my clients for a successful 2011 show season!

October, 2011

My 2 favorite mares, Amelie, 5 yr old Swedish Warmblood and Yara 12 yr old Friesen. Yara has been bred this year and is in her 4th month of pregnancy. The sire of the baby is the Andalusian stallion, Fandango Del Sol. We are very excited about the cross breed and can't wait for the new arrival in May 2012.

September 17-19, 2011
Trainers & Judges Forum

with Dr. Dieter Schuele
at Red Hawk Ranch, Murrieta, CA

Susann Regalmuto, Barbi Breen- Gurley, Sabine Schut-Kery, Melonie Kessler Thomas Muench, Dr. Dieter Schuele, Brent Hicks

August 11-14, 2011
IALHA Region 1 & IFSHA Region 10 Championships
Congratulations to everyone! We took 4 horses and had a very successful show.

Instantaneo 11 yr old Half Andalusian gelding
1st place - Half Andalusian Dressage Hack Open
2nd place - Half Andalusian English Show Hack Open
1st place - Half Andalusian English Pleasure Amateur
Region 1 Champion - Half Andalusian Dressage Hack Open
Reserve Region 1 Champion - Half Andalusian English Show Hack Open
Top Five (3rd) - Champion Half Andalusian English Pleasure Amateur

Fuego Amor 6 yr old Half Andalusian gelding
Region 1 Champion - English Pleasure Amateur
Region 1 Champion - Dressage Suitability Open
Region 1 Champion - Dressage Suitability Amateur
Region 1 Champion - English Pleasure Hunt Seat Open
Reserve Region 1 Champion - Best Movement

Chambelona del Sol 7 yr old Andalusian mare
Reserve Region 1 Champion - Dressage Suitability
Top Five (4th) - English Pleasure Hunt Seat

Yara 11 yr old Friesian mare
Region 10 Champion - Friesian Period Costume
Reserve Region 10 Champion - English Pleasure Hunt Seat Amateur
Top Five (3rd) Champion - Dressage Suitability Amateur

April 22-23, 2011
LA Chapter Show at the LA Equestrian Center

Amelie 5 yrs old Swedish WB mare ridden by S. Regalmuto
Training level 69%-76%
First place
Overall High Point Score of the show
Coverage in the LA Chapter Newsletter Click here to see full story.

Fuego Amor 6 yrs old Andalusian cross ridden by Monica Stock
Training level 65%-67%
First place

Fuego Amor ridden by S. Regalmuto
First level
First and Third place

Mickey 12 yrs old WB/TB cross ridden by Angela Tinsley
Intro 2/3
First and Third place

February 25-27, 2011
Dressage Show LAEC Burbank
Training level 68% and 65% 1st Places

January 2011
Cornerstone Dressage LAEC Burbank
Fuego Amor
First level 65% 1st Place

January 2011
CDS LA Chapter Awards Ceremony
Congratulations to Petra Jorgensen who won the overall high score in California for First Level Amateur rider in 2010 on board of her 6 yr old Westfalen gelding Damon Lee. Petra won this award with an impressive score of 74%.
She also received the Reserve CDS Champion Award for High Points in First Level

October 2010

Halloween Barn Party & Open House!
Everyone Welcome - Saturday October 30th from 1pm-4pm

  • Enjoy refreshments & Halloween goodies
  • Special "Pas de Deux" exhibition
  • Meet USDF certified trainer & IALHA National Champion

  • Location: Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace (91342) San Fernando Valley / Los Angeles.
    Contact Susann Regalmuto - (951)-515-7133

    FUEGO AMOR has been selected as Half Andalusian IALHA and USEF Horse of the year for 2010!

    October 7-10 California Dressage Society Regional Championships at LAEC Burbank CA
    Congratulations to Petra Jorgensen who won Reserved Regional Champion at First Level Amateur with her horse Damon.

    September 2010

    August 26-29: Cool August Night - Cornerstone Dressage Show

    What a fantastic show we had, all horses did very well the ribbons were coming and the wine was flowing.

    Congratulations to Petra Jorgensen for Reserved Champion at the Markel Insurance Championships First Level with an outstanding score of 72% and several 1st placings in First Level 3 with her horse Damon.

    Amelie my 4 yrs old Swedish Warmblood mare had her first outing at a dressage show and impressed everyone with her super disposition and her excellent performance, she achieved scores between 69%- 70%.

    Fuego a 5rs old Andalusian/Arabian cross owned by Monica Stock and Angela Tinsley qualified for the USDF and CDS Championships with scores between 66% -68%

    August 2010

    IALHA RegionONE Championships August 12-15, 2010
    Fuego Amor-5 yrs Half Andalusian/Arabian Gelding
    In Hand Classes
    -Reserve Regional Champion Half Andalusian Senior Gelding 4 Years & Over
    -Reserve Regional Champion Half Andalusian Best Movement
    Performance Classes
    -Regional Champion Half Andalusian English Pleasure Junior Horse
    -Regional Champion Half Andalusian Dressage Suitability Open
    -Regional Champion Half Andalusian English Pleasure Amateur

    March 2010

    Congratulation to Monica Stock and Angela Tinsley owner of Fuego Amor a 4 year old Andalusian/Arabian gelding placing and winning several classes at the IALHA Rainbow Royal Show in Burbank, CA at the LA Equestrian Center

    Ist place Dressage Suitability
    Ist place Champion English Pleasure
    2nd place Reserve Champion Halter
    2nd place English Pleasure Junior Horse
    2nd place Halter

    "I have watched Susann ride in the shows and the way she treats her horses with such a gentle manner, and therefore getting the most out of her horses and receiving good scores. In addition, she is also a very beautiful rider." -- Kirsten Kuzmanic, CDS Show Manager, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

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